Sunday, December 04, 2005

It has been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened over this month like CAT, Semester Exams, B.Tech Final Yr Presentations etc. I remember redefining rock bottom in one of my previous posts. CAT and Semester Exams kept redefining it repeatedly. Most of my friends also faced similar situation and 2gether we were able to laugh and forget out problems. Everything got even worse with RM performing atrociously at home (they lost 3-0 to Barca). I guess I should prepare for another trophyless season.
Finally everything was over and our VII semester ended.Only one more semester to go. I remember that when I was in XII, our teachers told us repeatedly that we were going to face the world after XII. I was never able to comprehend the meaning of these words. Now with only 5 more months b4 we face the world (this time, it seems for real), it scares me whenever I think abt it.
Currently, in Ahmedabad to meet my cousins and get some good food. I guess the next post will be from Indore after abt a week.


insane said...

abe ahd. khaana khaane chale gaya...hadh ho gayi !!!
neways reply to mail

SID said...

Nice to know you're alive.

~RAUL~ said...

Oh ho...welcome back :) :)
well seems u are travelling a lot...good !!!
And yes Real is losing but Livepool is back to winning ways again man !!!
And did u see the Real-Barca match ?? Amazing !!!!

Shradha said...

Facing the world is not scary, annoying at times but not scary...

How was CAT?