Saturday, December 10, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Back from Ahmedabad and in Indore for the past few days. What have I been doing ? Eating, Sleeping and Reading. I must have gained quite a few kgs but no worries. The mess food will take care of it when I m back in rke.
Let me tell u something abt Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is my birthplace and most of my relatives stay there. Its a heaven for veggies. Anything u want - South Indian, Punjabi, Continental, Vada Pav and ice-creams. All available at economical prices. Infact I came across an offer that I havent seen newhere in India.
There's a pizza joint named US Pizza in Ahmedabad (franchisee of some US pizza joint). They have an unlimited offer going on. For 99 bucks, u get - soup, salad (from the salad bar with macroni, pasta etc. abt 20 choices), garlic bread, choice of three pizzas and dessert (vanilla with brownie). Stunned ? The best part is now. U can have unlimited quantities of all the above except dessert i.e. unlimited pizza, garlic bread, salad etc. I dont think I have eaten so much at a time. A single meal there sustained me throughout my day.
At first, I thought this was an anamoly. Then I discovered a place offering unlimited lunch package for 70 bucks. Replace above food stuff with curries, rice etc. This offer is fast becoming a norm there.
Back to the usual stuff. Almost everyone has been asking me abt CAT. This yr, CAT decided to go in with a paper tougher than usual with only 90 questions. I haven't yet calculated my score but my instincts say that I could have performed better. So lets wait and watch.
I also saw a show named Games Bond on Star One 2day. Its a television show where two Counter-Strike Clans come and play. For the uninitiated, Counter-Strike (or CS) is a First Person Shooter game with two teams - Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists. Terrorists have to bomb a target by planting explosives and Counter-Terrorists have to stop them. Amazingly realistic physics, weapons (Its the closest u can get to fire an AK 47, a carbine or be the sniper u always want to be) and team co-ordination. IMO, its the best game ever created. Being a CS player myself, I had heard abt the show and decided to c the episode. Incidentally, the episode was the annual finals. The show was crap. The teams indulged in mindless rhetoric like "We r gonna massacre u", "We're too good for u" etc. To top it all, their gameplay wasn't all that impressive. I guess the serial was made by someone who hasn't played CS. Its a bad implementation of a good concept.
Was going to write a lot 2day but had to attend a marriage 2day and am very tired. So going to sleep now. Will post more stuff later.
I'll end with the usual. I read Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies which is a Pulitzer price winner. Its a collection of short stories. Mental Note- I have to upload its review on my other blog. Currently reading Agatha Christie's Elephants Can Remember and Joseph Heller's Catch 22.
Sports - Madrid going thru another crisis. They have sacked another manager, their Sports Director has resigned and team is in disarray. They finished second in their grp meaning they r looking at facing Chelsea/Arsenal/Juventus/AC Milan/Inter Milan in the second round. Guess another trophyless season is looming.
Have to go to Delhi for a day 2morrow. The city is freezing and my train reaches at 6 am. But three and a half years in rke have prepared me well for this. Next post after coming from Delhi.


jerrymaguire said...

this one is kinda nice!

The Observer said...

the problem with madrid is that they have a devil at their helm... fiorentino perez needs to realize that a decent defence is also required (even though defenders may not be as attractive as attackers in terms of merchandising)... they sell a player like makelele because he doesnt play attractive football and (in the process does not sell more makelele shirts than lets say zidane)they screw up in the process... i think its him who has to be sacked more than anyone else

Someone said...

@jerrymacguire - Welcome. Although I didn't get ur complete meaning

@Observer - Perez cares more abt marketing than soccer. Selling Makelele and sacking Del Bosque were his worst mistakes. With Sacchi gone, there is no one to put some sense into him.

| Ep/ID | said...

Ahmedabad rocks!! yaay!!:D

insane said...

u in del..ass why didnt u tell
neways njoy hols..have eaten unlimited pizza in pizzhut for 99 bucks..
veggie is NO food....huh !!
tune CAT phod diyaa.every1 knows that.....

SID said...

Dude, plz give me the addresses of oth these places. I will go to Ahmedaad even if it means only for those two places.