Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year

Another year goes by and time to catalogue the happenings in this year.

The year started fine with 7 of us working to make Chaos: The Gaming Carnival as one of the first cross country gaming event of its kind. This pursuit took the first quarter of my year as there was work to be done ranging from arranging of the sponsorships to getting the infrastructure in place. Fortunately, everything fell in place and the event became a huge success with 1200+ participants from across the country. In course of the event, we contacted Raptor Entertainment, a game development major in B'lore where I ended up doing my summer internship and started blogging. Chaos was certainly the highlight of this year for me.

After this, I have been blogging regularly. Hence, nothing new to put up.

10 of us decided to spend the new year camping at Shivpuri, Rishikesh. The place was awesome. The camp was at the banks of river Ganges,serene and peaceful but extremely cold. Played beach soccer and I am still tired. Lit a bonfire at night and had a blast singing at the top of our voices. In the morning, got out of there, came back and slept for 5 hrs flat.

Time to make new year resolutions (and this yr I intend to keep them like every yr)
1. Learn a foreign language (French/German)
2. Lose some weight (I know its a cliche but can't help it)
3. Get to know abt working of stock markets
4. Miscellaneous Resolutions like sleep well, eat healthy, do meaningful reading etc

PS: I forgot to mention that I got placed with Manhattan Associates, Bangalore.


Shradha said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Bangalore eh? Looks like u got what u wanted!

Resolutions 1 and 3 were my resolutions for 2005.Didnt even come close to keeping them up. I hope u do succeed though :)
Happy new year!

insane said...

i guess ur resolution was also to be a vocalist..if i remember correctly the happenings of that night in the tent.

Someone said...

@Shradz- Thanks. Lets c what happens to these resolutions

@insane- I think it was Sid's resolution to be a vocalist. I dont remember exactly. I wonder why ;)