Friday, December 16, 2005

Somewhere I Belong

Time to go back to Roorkee after a memorable stay in Indore and Ahmedabad. Meeting ones family and friends after a long interval made the holidays a worhwhile experience. However, now most of my friends have left Indore for either PG or jobs resulting in me being confined to home for most of the time. Hence, was able to do a lot of reading like Interpreter of Maladies, The Godfather Returns, Elephants can Remember etc.
Now back to Roorkee for the placements. God knows where I'll end up. For the past few years, I have been in Kota, Roorkee, Bangalore with roots in Ahmedabad and Indore. Somehow I feel that each of these places have made their own contributions making me the person I am today. Let's see what'll be the next city in this list.
Signing Off from Indore. However for the bibliophiles, the review blog Literature & Movies is back online with a review on The Godfather Returns. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to keep it updated throughout the semester too.


insane said...

am ready for the treat..:))

Shradha said...

Good luck with placements! Will wait for my treat too :)

Someone said...

@insane & shradha
Lets hope the job is worth a treat

~RAUL~ said...

all the best dude.
and btw wht were u doing in kota? coaching?

Someone said...

@Raul : Yeah, I was in Kota for JEE coaching. Bansal Classes

~RAUL~ said...

Deja Vu.....which batch? wht year?
me was there in 1998 :) :)

Someone said...

@Raul Class 13th, Batch X 3.
Yr 2001-02