Monday, December 12, 2005

There & Back Again

The title is inspired from LOTR and from the fact that I just came back from a one day trip to Delhi and will be going back again this Friday. Once again I have to endure the morning cold of Delhi.
2day I was flipping through the channels and came across a couple of odd things on Aaj Tak:
1. Aaj Tak was asking public opinion on changing the name of Bangalore to some weird South Indian name which I don't even remember. What's more, many ppl answered in affirmative to the change. I haven't got used to Mumbai or Kolkata and I might have to remember one more name.
2. Some time later, Aaj Tak praising Pathan's exploits in 2day's match followed by his rise from rags to riches. I agree that Pathan is probably find of the past few years and has the potential to be a very good allrounder but to remind us of his beginnings after every good performance, every man of the match is a bit too much
3. Finally, the breaking news thing that Aaj Tak does. Every day, Aaj Tak finds some trivial incident, blows it up into something huge as if 9/11 has happened. It bugs me but I guess to run a 24 hr news channel needs to do this kind of thing.
While going to Delhi, I saw a book titled The Godfather Returns. Being a huge Godfather fan, I had to read it at all costs. I have completed 3/4th of the book and surprisingly the book is good. Will discuss more abt it later.
Finally, I saw a trailor for a Sohail Khan produced movie named Fight Club. Now Bollywood has shed even the pretext of changing the name.Now we won't have to try and remember the name of the original movie on seeing the copy.
Real Madrid seems to be the key runner in signing Keane. Perez hasn't learnt from his mistakes. God help Madrid


~RAUL~ said...

Dude good to see ur blog up and running again !!!
1)The new name is "Bengaluru"
2) True, very true
3) This channel totally sucks. Headlines Today is much more better and informative. Presenters are also cute :D :D

Fight Club in hindi?? Don't tell me can day...i mean..not possible...

Perez wants to take the club down with him. Why can't they stop signing "galacticos" and choose some other good players...look at liverpool/barca....

insane said...

Ya i have been saying that prayer for madrid for ages...get the book for me..ciao..thanx for keys..satyam,cisco,accenture,tcs,infy have come

SID said...

The movie looks different from the English one hough the title seems to be the same. Wait and watch. There's a porno flick also-called Kalyug. Any reviews on that yet?

The Observer said...

dude dont worry keane's just signed up with the Bhoys (Celtic that is) ... here's tyhe link
rest in peace...