Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Interviews - The essential part of ne placement procedure. An hour which can give a totally different direction to someone's life. Ppl prepare for interviews cramming the usual questions - Tell us abt urself, Where do u see urself 5 yrs,10 yrs,15 yrs etc, Strengths & Weaknesses etc.
But the eagerness to project themselves as the most suitable candidates leads to some hilarious scenarios as well.

Mr X is going to appear in Oracle interview. A semester ago, he had to get his resume verified by the institute. In the column for Computer Languages, he mentions Java, even though he hasn't worked on it thinking that he'll learn it in the time before placement. Unfortunately, he couldn't because of one or the other reason. A day before interview he reads the basics of Java.
Interviewer : Which computer languages do u know ?
Mr X : Sir, I am comfortable with C++, have done a little work on Microsoft Visual C++ and Java but for Java, I use the textbook in case of ne difficulty.
Interviewer : Ok, so which version of Java you have worked upon ?
Mr X : Hmm, Hmm Actually, one of my friends installed Java on my PC in my absence and I have been using it as it is. So I dont know the version as such

Mr Y is going to appear for IBM. One possible question he has prepared is "Where do u see urself 5 yrs from now".The interview ends but the interviewer didn't ask this question. Instead, the interviewer asks "Do you have ne question on ur side regarding the co, the work etc". Unable to come up with a question at the spur of the moment, Mr Y asks "Sir, where do u see me 5 yrs from now"

Another place where interviews play an important part is CAT. I didn't make it through CAT but have been doing a bit of a research to help my friends who got thru. It turns out IIM A interviews are the ultimate in stress interviews. Here are a few samples

The student enters the room and before he can say nething or have a seat
Interview panel : What r u here for ?
Student : I am here to appear for an interview for the MBA program of IIMs
Panel : U don't know the name of the program u r applying for. Get out

Panel : Which is ur favourite book
Student : Love in the time of Cholera
Panel : Ok, What r the symptoms of Cholera ?

As the interviews continue, such cases will keep on coming. Lets c how many more shall be there


SID said...

I am one of those people who mentioned Java as one of my programming skills. But I think with a little bit of phattas you can get through but yes just an overview not enough.
IIMA interviews sound fun:
Interviwer:What are you her for?
Me:Well I thought I will have to give you something but you seem to be in a bad mood, maybe I'll come later say in a years time.

Interviwer: What is your favorite book?
Me: Little Red Riding Hood.
Interviwer: Who rides whom in the book?
Me: Sir(or ma'am) this is sexual harassment and I am going to sue you. See you in court. HAHAHAHAHA.

insane said...

@ sid: that was too good !!..heheheh

@supriy: but dude interviews r fun no matter what anyone says !!

Anonymous said...

No prizes for guessing who got screwed when asked the Java Version.

May the force be with u !!

GuNs said...

The Big 'S' !
Really nice ones that.

Heres one of mine:

Interviewer : Do you know Java?
Mr. X : Yeah sure, I drink it every morning ! (Thinking, ha ha ha...this moron thinks I dont know that Java means coffee).
Interviewer : Err...OK, do you know who invented it?
Mr. X : A goat herder named Kaldi from Ethiopia (LMAO...this guys is a sucker !! Bet even he didnt know this one)
Interviewer : PLEASE LEAVE !!
Mr. X : Please sir, no no...just one more chance.
Interviewer : OK, whats C++
Mr. X : How easy !!
C++ = C + 1 = D.
Interviewer : SECURITY !!!

LOL, anyhow...got here from Shradz' blog. Good to read your writings.

Do read my blog and comment if you find it interesting !!


P.S. : Heres the facts about coffee.

GuNs said...


I am an oldie on Mouthshut myself. My id there is great_guns

Whats your id there?


Bunty Gill said...

Acche fundde maare hain!

Anonymous said...

@guns : Thanks for visiting my blog. My mouthshut id is supriyshah.

@bunty : Tu kahan se aa gaya.