Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liverpool - The Kings of Europe

The big day(or night rather) was here. The Champions League Finals with Liverpool taking on the might of AC Milan.With no TV around, we had to go to m/c's place. A foolish auto driver gave us the wrong directions and instead of 10 km, we had to travel 30 kms to get there. Still seeing that final was worth anything.
The match started in a disaster for Liverpool with Maldini scoring in 53 seconds. It went rom bad to worse to worst for Liverpool with them trailing by 3-0 at halftime. Everybody wrote off Liverpool. But they had not accounted for Gerrard, the greatest player on earth 2day
In 54th min, Gerrard took a superb header to start the comeback. In 56th min, Smicer hit a 20 mts shot to fool Dida and the the comeback was complete in 60th min when Gerrard won a penalty and Alonso converted on the rebound. Liverpool had the advantage with Milan looking tired. But none of them could convert their chances and match went into extra time.
30 minutes of extra time followed. Milan dominated those two sessions but could not convert many golden chances the best one being Shevchenko's in second interval. Shevchenko missed out on a chance from a meter and also the rebound. This double save from Dudek showed that Gods were on the side of Liverpool.
Then to the penalties.Milan started them with Serginho going wide and Dudek saving the one from Pirlo. Liverpool scored both. Then Tomasson and Kaka converted for Milan. Riise missed his chance and it was down to Shevchenko, on whom you could bet ur life to convert a penalty
to save Milan. But Dudek saved that one and Liverpool became the Kings of Europe.
Another good news :- Gerrard has pledged his future to Liverpool.


swaps said...

I hope you dont mind interefering ur debate at

No offense meant. Its just.... debating and putting pur points.

Anonymous said...

What the crap is this??? Why shouls anyone come to your stupid cribs about B'lore when he has to know about Football matches...I recommend ... Much more authentic and better written !!

Someone said...

I don't know who is the coward behind the veil of anonymity but I think its Joshi. Hey Joshi, come on man. U don't have any opinion of ur self on anything and go about making fun of other ppl's opinion. Grow Up !!!

Someone said...

Dude, I am no Soccer critic but the match was out of the world. U can only hope for underdogs to triumph but to come back from 3-0 against AC Milan ! I couldn't resis putting out a blog on this match.