Monday, May 23, 2005

I Weekend in Bangalore

Had to go to office at 10.30. Left Rahul's place at 9 am and went to find accomodation. Could not find accomodation till 11.30 as commute was between two ends of the city and had to miss office. Found a decent place in BTM Layout, 5 minutes from office and took it.Picked up our stuff from Rahul's place and moved into our new room
Meesam, Raghvendra, Raghav, Lalit and us had decided to meet at Forum at 4.30 pm. So took a bath and went there. Forum is a mall in Bangalore. Unbelievable place with anything under the sun available. By the time we reached there, no tickets for Star Wars Episode III night show were available. So decided to see Kingdom of Heaven directed by Ridley Scott & starring Orlando Bloom. Window shopped in the mall for 8 pm and then went to MG Road for dinner. There went to NASA for dinner and time pass till 10pm. gr8 place with rock music blaring at ful volume.Heard Metallica, GnR, Iron Maiden etc till 9.45 and left for the movie.
The movie was a disaster.If I hadn't paid 130 bucks for it, it would have been the first English movie I would have walked out off. But had to stay put till the end with Ridley Scott out of my good books. It was around 12.30 already so we all went to our place. More misery - No electricity and hence slept in the heat with six people in the room.

Got up in the morning at 10. Me, Joshi & Raghav decided to catch Star Wars in Forum while rest of the guys went back. Unfortunately, only night show tickets left and so, moved over to see the movie in Symphony another hall. After the movie, hanged around Crosswords for some time, had our evening snacks at a Rs 11 street corner and left for MG Road. Covered the length and breadth of MG Road and Brigade Road. Found a few good used books shops but didn't have money so bought only three books. Will go back to check them out later. Nothing more in the night worth telling except that Bhawani got placed in Caritor and owes me a big party and I got scolded for not informing my number at home. But this is usual, isn't it ?

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Bunty Gill said...

hi dude...
how many trips to mgr already ;-) ??
it's getting warmer here ... after suffering 12C temperatures, there's now hope :-)
chal tc