Friday, May 20, 2005

I Day at Internship

May 19,2005
Morning: Joshi woke me up at 8 am. I tried to kick him but suddenly remembered that this was not Roorkee. So had to stand up grudgingly and get ready. At 9.45,we started for office and Joshi stopped to buy a SIM. One thing led to another and the old man at the counter yelled at "Educated People" in general and Joshi in particular. I was shaking with silent laughter but this was just one of many more such incidents to come. Reached the office at about 10.15 am and met the people. People are really nice with an informal atmosphere. The work is really interesting and we started working within an hour. There is one problem though. These people have a dog who is more of a wolf than a dog and he barks like anything. One of them had to escort us to avoid the dog.

Afternoon: Got up for the lunch break and went for a South Indian Thali. Haven't eaten so much rice in a single meal in my life. Went to work in a drowsy state and Joshi tried to act bold. Tried to run by the dog but couldn't. I once again was left shaking with silent laughter. After trying to run the program for about two hours (without success), Joshi had to call his brother. He went out to call and within seconds, there was barking of dog and shouts of Joshi. I leave the rest to your imagination. Don't worry. Joshi survived. Came back all shaken and shivering with me shaking with silent laughter. This shaking went on for the remaining afternoon.

Evening: Left the office at 6.30 pm and went to purchase a SIM for myself. For this had to get a photo. Went for digital photograph and decided to buy 37 photographs for 60 bucks but after looking at the photo, changed my mind to 5 photos for Rs 40 as no use having 37 copies of that photo. Purchased the SIM and went to see a few PG accomodation with Akshay from office. Here people are giving dungeons and cells for Rs 2500 per "head". Didn't like any PG and went back. Rest of the evening passed off without any incident. Hence, I day was good and filled with much more silent laughs than I would have thought possible

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