Friday, May 20, 2005

Accomodation Problems

Today was a usual day as Daisy (the dog) was out and Joshi was subdued. Morning was lost in looking at still more PG Accomodations and afternoon in working. The progress till now has been pretty decent. The only event was m/c (Meesam) calling for the weekend program. Planned to see Star Wars III but detailed program has not been finalised. 2morrow office for only 3 hours then again search for accomodation. 2night going to Rahul's flat. Shall see what to do later.

Went to Rahul's flat after Manish Bhaiya and Bhabhi left. Went to Rahul's home at the other end of B'lore. Met him and his three roomies. These four have become more of Joshi's kind of people than my type if u get the hidden meaning. Anyways, night was fun as we had dinner and than went to sleep. Next day, office at 10.30 but before that have to find accomodation.

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