Thursday, May 26, 2005

General Life@Bangalore

Someone once told me that Bangalore is called "The Garden City". After being here for a week, I think it is "The Bar City".Each and every street has atleast one bar and the thing is every one of them is full.
Another scene is in the South Indian food joints. All such joints are filled at all times. Seeing these scenes, Joshi remarked "People down here have nothing to do except eat and drink". I didn't remark that he also seems to have only these two things to do as I have to live 6 weeks with him.
Some people warned me that food in B'lore can be expensive. Well that's only if a person is not willing to move to South Indian cuisine.If u r ready to experiment with South Indian cuisine, food in B'lore is as cheap as anywhere. One way to live is save money on weekdays for a blast on the weekend. This is what we are doing.

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kaddy said...

Nice post.. I didnt watch the match but atleast caught the highlights..... not that i am a footer freak but like the be updated...