Friday, June 10, 2005

Poetry with a Message

Here it comes. After a day of rest, the creative juices are back. With extremely good weather in Indore & Bangalore (cool, rainy) me and Kaddy get back together to pen the second chat poetry of our lives
Our first poem was just an expression of our feelings at that moment of time i.e. it was spontaneous. Now we are writing with a plan. So here goes the starting para of our latest poem

It is raining outside
Let us go for a ride
Or wanna have fun inside
I promise I'll always abide
What u wanna do, u decide
Super & Kaddy
The poetry is not yet complete. Once we complete it, we'll come out with a title and also what it means and stuff. This is just to satisfy the appetite of our legions of fans, who wait with abated breath for our work.

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