Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mohan's Birthday

Monday, 6 June was Abhishek Mohan's birthday. Me and Joshi called him up in the morning to wish him and he invited us to Pizza Hut (MG Road) for dinner and afterwards to movie, D. We agreed happily to this. We didn't know what we were getting into.
Reached Pizza Hut at 7.45 pm and had to wait for 15 minutes for the Ti ppl to show up (Mohan, Nema, Manu, Shilpaand a guy from IITD whose name I forgot to ask). That with us four - me, Joshi, m/c and Raghav made it 9 ppl. Ppl started to go berserk whild ordering and Mohan clarified that he won't pay more than 600 bucks. We agreed to this (why I don't know) and ordered as if we were starving.
In the end, Mohan ended up paying 700 bucks and each of the other ppl ended up paying, hold ur breath 75 bucks each. This is more than what me and Joshi spend in Pizza Hut if we go there by ourself. To rub salt in the wound, we could not go and see D as we were already delayed.
Moral of the Story :- Never go to Mohan's chapo in Pizza Hut and if u go, try and keep ppl under control while ordering

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kaddy said...

Hehehehehe.... Super ab chamgader ki shaadi mein jaaoge to ulta to latakna he padega...