Friday, June 10, 2005

First Chapo in B'lore

Finally, we managed to get hold of a senior in Bangalore. That too, Mr Amit Aggarwal. The big fish of the batch of 2003-04. We caught him one day in Forum, called him up the next day and party was finalized.
So yesterday, we met at 7 pm in Forum. While waiting for Amit sir to show up, I ran into R K Verma Sir, proprietor Resonance and one of my teachers in Kota while preparing for JEE. He didn't remember me (I expected that) but still it felt nice to meet him and talk to him after so many years. Finally Amit sir showed up and we four (me, Joshi, Raghav and Sir) went to MG Road for dinner.
There we decided to go for Chinese food and went to Three Quarters Chinese. Once again, B'lore traffic played havoc and it took us half an hour and many rounds of the area to find a place to park our car.Three Quarters Chinese is similar to an ethical Chinese restaurant with Indian staff but the whole menu had weird Chinese names for various dishes e.g. Chap Choi Tobanjan (Combo of Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce), Chun Quin (Veg Spring Rolls). Atleast they had given the names/description in English or we all would have been stumped.
The food was good but the bill amount must be astronomical. We all felt a little guilty but there was nothing we could have done at that point of time. Thankfully, Amit Sir is leaving B'lore till 28th so this will give us time to get this over this and be ready for him when he returns.

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