Friday, August 11, 2006


Tagged. I was thinking of writing a blog on podcasts and online puzzles but got tagged by Sid. Maybe later.

Although I believe in that blogs are ur own personal space but tags are a good way of knowing more abt other bloggers. So here goes the Tag

I a’m thinking about:
Should I call sick 2morrow and njoy a 5 day weekend ?

I said:
Real Madrid is going to win a trophy this season (I have said this every yr for the past III yrs too)

I want to:
Study Law someday.

I wish:
that college life would have never ended

I hear:
Maiden, Metallica, Pink Floyd and Movie OSTs

I wonder:
what will happen to Voldemort at the end of VII book

I regret:

I am:
a Pisces

I dance:
Err does headbanging come under this category ?

I sing:
when I m listening music on my iPod

I cry:
When grown ups waste their time watching the Saas Bahu soaps

I a’m not always:

I make with my hands:
Abstract figures when I have nothing else to do

I write:
what I think

I confuse:
waiters and visitors at a restaurant
friends and foes

I need:
a friend arnd to talk to

Now, keeping with the tradition, I have to pick up a few ppl and tag them to do the same on their blog. Being a supporter of free speech, I am not going to tag neone specifically. However, all the fellow bloggers who read this are requested to do this as I would love to know more abt them. Consider urself Tagged

Saw Omkaara the last weekend. Othello is my III fav Shakespeare play behind Julius Caesar and Macbeth. Movie would have been another sad love story if not for Saif. Never thought neone could take the spotlight away from Ajay Devgan's performance but its only the character of Langda Tyaagi that stays with you after the movie.

Kudos to Saif for making the role of Lago his own. Everything abt him is perfect - The reptilian smile, the scheming eyes and the wicked grin. Every actor has a role that defines his career.
Marlon Brando had Don Corleone,
Amitabh Bacchan had Vijay Verma (in Deewar),
Jackie Shroff had Gardish,
Rajesh Khanna had Anand

and now Saif has Langda Tyagi .


Shradha said...

I notice you are using words like 'podcasts' and 'iPod' too many times lately, seedha bolo na kaunsa model off :P

I vowed never to do tags after my last one, sorry!

SID said...

Call in sick tomm also. Waise bhi you guys dont ahve any attendence thingy.
Yeah headbanging is kool. Even if you jiggle ur ass its gud enuf.

Someone said...

@Shradz: iPod Video 30 GB. I remember u showing off ur 30 GB Photo iPod on ur blog. :D
No hard feelings abt the tag.

@Sid: Bunked after half day 2day for MG Rd. :D

Shradha said...

2GB nano. :(

Kishor Cariappa said...

I feel this time around, Real will reveal is real colours (read winning) in spanish league.