Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sad but True

It has been a long time since my last post. The reason not being that there is a dearth of stuff but various factors. A major factor was as soon as I started writing, one or other of my friends would pop up on some messenger.

Another factor was the fact that I had an accident. Not one involoving automobiles but a mishap. Two weeks ago, I fell into a ditch while coming from office. Dark nite, no streetlights and open ditches. Makes me wonder how can India still be the second most populous country worldwide.

Coming back to the mishap, well the ditch was abt 10 feet but thankfully was filled with water upto waist height. And my friends had to pull me out. I had a few injuries, the major one being on chin requiring stitches but otherwise in one piece.

Just one observation. Quite a few auto rickshaws passed the scene but none had the time to wait and help. If the same case would have happened in Bombay or Delhi, there would be a crowd ready to help. Guess, one more reason to hate the rickshaw drivers.

On and on these have been a very sad 20 days. To top it, the last two days have been even worse. Hrishikesh Mukherjee, my all time favourite movie director passed away. I dont think I have still seen a movie which touched me like 'Anand'. Dialogues like

'Zindagi badi honi chahiye babu mushay, lambi nahin'

and the last scene when Amitabh is shouting 'Baatein karo mujhse, Baatein karo mujhse' still gives me goosebumps even after seeing it an infinite number of times.

Hrishi Da will always be immortal through 'Anand' and other timeless movies.

On Sunday, Schumi lost to Alonso, Real Madrid drew and Barca win. The worse possible results for someone like me.

One bright thought-Life can only get better than here. It certainly cant get any worse (atleast I am hoping it doesnt)


Abhinav said...

Why didn't u see the ditch .. ?? were u in a proper state of mind or were u sedated ??

anyways, you fell from where u came .. nothing much of a difference .. LOL

Week ended well .. Valencia and Barca won ...

SID said...

fell into a ditch while cumin bak frm the office!!! where were u looking bro?
Schumi Lost hehehehe!!!!

Raghav said...

man so sorry to hear about your injury..

how far is your office from purple haze... ??


Shradha said...

Hey take care, Bangalore roads arent safe...glad you are ok now!

Someone said...

Thanks for ur concern & kind words. Good to hear them as the ppl who pulled me out were initially plotting to throw sand & cement in the pit.

GuNs said...

[:-D}Scene from "Aankhein" which was a very funny movie starring Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal and Paresh Rawal. Amazing script and super dialogues. Wonder why it wasnt a blockbuster.

In that theres a scene where Arjun falls into a ditch (he has an appropriate excuse - he's blind, just like the other two). Akshay exclaims that hes fallen into a ditch and Paresh replies "Matti daal jaldi, matti daal". ROFL, worth a watch, that movie.

Anand - saddi bhi favourite movie.