Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The i-Ching

Murphy's Law. The sole universal truth. Someday, Einstein's theory of relativity might turn out to be wrong, 2+2 might not make 4 but there wont be a day when Murphy's Law would be proved false.

I have already devoted a post or two to Murphy's Law. But for the uninitiated, I'll restate the original law:
Murphy's Law
If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time and in the worst possible sequence.

This is the original law for which Murphy won the Lifetime Ig nobel last year(Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ig_Nobel_Prize to understand its significance). Over the years, many more laws have been derieved from it. My favourite one being:
If everything in life is coming ur way, you are in the wrong lane
The complete list of such quotes is available through various books (worth purchasing) and maybe even online.

Over the years, Murphy's Law has been omnipresent in my life. It stays with me, even in Bangalore. Hence, I came up with my own versions of Murphy's Law.

Rickshaw Reality
The Auto Driver Law- If a rickshaw driver is charging you 100/- but u decide to walk for 2km and then take one, the next one will charge you 120/-.

Arrival of the bus you have been waiting for half an hour will be at the time when you board an auto and the driver starts to drive.

Destination Dilemma
Whenever you get lost, the first person you ask for directions will be another techie from out of the town

The first localite will tell you that your destination is 5 mins walk. After walking for half an hour, the second localite will say that the destination is still 3 kms away.

Training Truths
The fresher u feel in the morning, more boring will be the lectures on that day.

The toughest lecture of the week shall coincide with maximum no. of your friends popping up on various messengers.

Whenever you call the trainer to your PC for clarification, a few of your friends will send you msgs on YM for him to see.

The day you forget your iPod, Radio Mirchi decides to play 4 Kannada songs and 1 Himesh song during the half an hour cab ride to the office.

The day you make fun of the MD in cafetaria, he will be sitting at the chair immediately behind you.

And finally,
If you want to reply to comments on your blog, the word check will be a 6 letter word with letters merging in & out of each other like warwrt. On other blogs, it will be a 3/4 letter one like cat.

Saw POTC2 on Sun. POTC2 pales in comparison to the POTC (The Law of Sequels). The major difference being that POTC was a fun movie while the second is a more serious one. Captain Jack doesn't dominate the screen like in POTC. The presence of lots of slimy creatures acts as a turn off too.

Real Madrid gets Cannavaro, Emerson, Nistelrooy. Now all we need is a solid left-back and a creative attacking midfielder to challenge Barca. Cant wait for La Liga to start. However, no channel is going to show La Liga live. Instead, ESPN Star prefers to telecast the stupid EPL.

Another Ferrari 1-2. Mere 11 pts separate Alonso & Schumi with 6 races left. Go Schumi.

Beginning of another long week. 6 working days !! Seems like some form of Chinese torture.


Abhinav said...

Hehe .. one of the nicest post post ever written by you ... made me laugh for 10 mins ...

SID said...

six working days.
I have to type seven characters to put up this comment. Remove it man! Pls

anonymity said...

this was LOVELY....
i laughed my butt off!!
"The toughest lecture of the week shall coincide with maximum no. of your friends popping up on various messengers."
THIS IS soooooo TRUE!
keep it up dude!!

SID said...

u have been tagged!
Check out my post.

Someone said...

@Vader- Thanks. Long time no update on ur side

@Sid - I get spammed if I dont have wordcheck. I can really feel ur pain but cant help it, sorry.

@Anonymity - Thanx for the encouragement

@Sid (2)- Tagged. Lets c what comes out of it.

GuNs said...

[:-P]I wrote a post on Murphy's laws too. Check please.