Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sachin shines, Madrid disappoint

Sachin's back ! This should be the headline of the week. Everything is well if Sachin plays well. Nobody curses the system, Govt. policies etc. Everywhere, cricket & Sachin are being discussed.
However, I m not a big cricket fan. I used to be cricket fanatic in school but not now, I just can't stand 10 hours of cricket in a day. Although I can see a good test series like the Ashes, India-Pakistan, India-Australia (in India) etc but ODIs are a strict no. Test cricket is the true test of a player's skill. I loved to see Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis operating in tandem and destroying the opposition. I hope Sachin continues this form into the test series as well.
The void left by cricket has been filled by soccer and F1. It was a miserable week as Real Madrid suffered two defeats in 3 days. I was unlucky enough to see one of them Madrid v/s Valencia.
Madrid has already lost Ronaldo & Baptista to injuries (I m still cursing Rosenberg for that). With Zidane missing a penalty (his first for Madrid) and being uninspirational throughout, it was a poor overall performance. However, there were two positives from the match :
1. Sergio Ramos is a pretty good defender. He made a few mistakes but as he becomes mature and adepts to the team, he should improve and become invaluable
2. Robinho. In this case, comparisons to Pele seem justified. Robinho is a gr8 dribbler and dribbled pass 4 Valencia defenders on two or three occasions. Although, he needs to work on his finish but that will come in time.
Now Barca is a point ahead of Madrid. Madrid has already lost an astounding 4 matches in La Liga already. Hope we are not looking at another trophyless season here.


insane said...

go madrid, go !!...ya in the end my fav spanish football shd it barca or madrid !!

kaddy said...

Very true.... Sachin is best world Cricket has ever produced!!!
In school I also used to watch cricket a lot... lekin pata nahi kyon yahan aa ke; I don't feel like watching cricket!!!!
and tell you what Real Madrid sucks!!!

Shradha said...

Most of this post looked like gibberish to me but hurray u got the word verification thing. I think I see a 'l' followed by a 'u' and a 'p'. Let me try.

~RAUL~ said...

oh u don't know how happy am I after seeing Barca pip Real. Not that I hate Real(i still adore Zidane and Carlos) but Barca seem to be playing great football. Have you seen Messi play ?? Man, amazing. That kid sure will touch the same height as Ronaldinho has already done. Am eagerly waiting for Barca-Real clash(i know last time Real thrashed Barca and Owen was one of the scorers. When is it by the way?

Someone said...

@Kaddy : U have committed blasphemy. Now u'll go to hell

@Shradha : I got tired of the spam posts and had to get the word verification

@Raul : El Classico is on 20th Nov. I will be missing it as I have CAT on the same day :(. I know u r a cop and that's why remember Owen's performance only :)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

madrid !! really?? *sigh*

madrid is really down on tatters .. an i believe barca is much better! what with R10 and messi Etoooo!!! . ronaldinho simply ROX! he even dances better than the pot bellied fat coackroach dancer !! he he .. :-D

the only player i like in real is Beckham :) (yes .. am a big england fan ) .. and i hate robinho !

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

@Raul ... u adore Carlos!!!! Roberto Carlos!!! he is just a high powered free kick taker .. and nothing but that ... if u r a defender .. u shud learn how to defend!!!!! he is pathetic at that!!!