Sunday, October 23, 2005

One month to CAT

Signs that an examination is just around the corner (atleast in IITR)
1. The weather will become just the ideal weather. Moderate temperature and maybe rainfall
2. Someone will get a book or a movie that u were looking for the past few yrs. Worst case- Someone will get a TV show, a sitcom like Friends or a Soap like Orange County which u cannot stop watching before completing
3. There will be no electricity at night when u start studying.
After a long absence, I m back. Many factors contibuted to this absence and time is not one of them. As I had holidays, I had lots of time but as IITR doesn't have internet in the rooms, blogging means coming 2 floors down to the bhawan CC and waiting for ur turn. This is too much work for a lazy guy in festive spirits and holiday mood.
Just next day after holidays, we had our mid-sems. 5 papers in 2 days. Sheer torture. It never ceases to amaze me that after every exam, I have to redefine rock-bottom. I mean rock-bottom should be an absolute term but I discovered that it isn't.
The question after mid-sems is what to do to get over them. I took one night off playing Counter Strike with a bunch of friends from 9 pm to 7.30 am. That was gr8 fun.
I remember promising that this post will not be a depressing one with the festive season going on. Hence, no further discussions regarding TS, CAT and studies.
I used the 10 days holidays to re-read Lord of The Rings. Over 1000 pages but certainly the book of the century. There is a law that Books are always better than the movies based upon them. So if u think that LOTR the movie was superb, read the book. Although there are many differences in between the book and the movies, I would like to point out a major one. In the book, Gandalf is the lead character with Aragorn being lost without him. The character of Aragorn acquires king like qualities as the book progresses. In the movie, the character of Gandalf is a bit overshadowed by that of Aragorn. Maybe because its risky to have an old wizard as the lead as compared to a young king.
On the movie front, saw Raging Bull *ing Robert De Niro in an oscar winning role. The movie is intense but a bit slow. I guess biopics are like this only. However, I prefer Al Pacino over Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro is good as a cold, calculating character like Vito Corleone in Godfather II. Al Pacino rules in roles requiring passion and communicating through eyes. I can't forget this dialogue at the end of the movie The Recruit when he looks at Colin Farrell and says You gotta give me one thing. I am a scary judge of talent.
2day there was a lively discussion between two of my friends abt why ppl pretend or why ppl fake throughout their life. The discussion started at the lunch table and continued after that too. I was a spectator throughout as I hate talking while eating. The inference was that usually ppl are so bound by the social system that they are unable to do what they really want to do. They have to keep delaying working on their passions till its too late. Hope I don't end up like this.
I just remembered that I mentioned an interview in my last post. The interview was for the post of Co-convener in our Techfest - Cognizance. When I got to the interview board, they politely informed me that the post was taken (I didn't get the logic behind it) and they would interview me for the post of Event Manager. The interview was a farce lasting only 2 mins. This might sound like a loser lamenting that he lost out because of a conspiracy.But as I am not doing nething for ne event next semester, maybe I could find time to do something which I wanter to do for a long time like Learn French/German or Guitar.
PS: Just tried posting comments on few blogs. Blogspot has started this thing of word verification. It is such a problem as sometimes the words are clustered 2gether making it difficult to distinguish the letters. Its almost like a Psychology Test in which u see what u want to see. One day I got lm with l and m so close that I couldn't decide whether it was l & m or h & n. Not to say that I failed the word verification. Made me think that am I some kind of online bot.


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shaista said...

A very good blog!

insane said...

1. well why do talk abt morose things like CAT & TS...but ya rock bottom needs to be an absolute the wake of ppl like us..7 ptrs.
2. Raging Bull was a bit slow..saw it with u so no comments..we discussed enuf. The LOTR observation is true..guess movie needed to appeal to all audience..and a old gandalf wdnt do it as well as strider.
3. I wondered why u didnt speak at the mess...didnt know u dont talk while eating !!
4. cheer up abt the interview. its fun to work behind the scenes as well...all abt fame and passion ;P

Shradha said...

If u dont get the word verification thing, ur blog will be flooded by comments like comment number 1(spammers). And yeah I was wondering whether I was dyslexic when I got the word verification thing wrong.

When did u turn into 'someone'???
Good luck for CAT!

SID said...

keep the word verification thing, it helps me to read better. And Ill join you in whatever you decide to take up. I am also totally vela as usual. Maybe working behind the scenes may work lets see.