Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am back (Yet again)

Long long time since my post. I was so tempted to shift over to a new blog, claim that its a new beginning etc etc and that now I'll blog on a regular basis. But I have said such things in the past and now I realize one thing. Breaks from blogging are inevitable in my case, some self-imposed others because of situations out of my hand. The last one was a bit of both. I'll try to be more regular from now on (Have already made drafts for the next 3 posts) but cant promise.

While going through my previous posts(sounds self-obsessed but I do it at times), I realized that my past few posts have been kind of serious. So to make up for them, I thought why not another post dedicated to the God of pessimism, Murphy. As one of my friends commented, everyone looks like an optimist in front of Murphy(even Guns).

The biggest positives of Murphy's Laws are that they are so true and omnipresent.For example,

Whenever something bad happens(which has been more than usual lately), I remember that "If anything can go wrong it will go wrong at the worst possible time and in the worst possible sequence". So it wasnt in my hand. Things were gonna go wrong neway.

Whenever I am writing some code and decide to put in some enhancements, the working code bombs.My inner voice says "Nothing is so bad that it cant get worse".

Basically, Murphy's Law help in having a laugh if things go wrong and move on.

On my last visit to Blossoms(that accursed place), I spotted a book on 'Murphy's Law for Doctors". Decided to take it for my bro who is pursuing MBBS. Here are some of the quotes from that book. They make my day everytime I think of them. Hope they have the same affect on you.

Murphy's Original Law: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time and the worst possible sequence.

Laws Derived from the Original Law:

- If anything cant go wrong, it will

- Nothing is ever so bad that it cant get worse

- If there are 4 ways in which things can go wrong and you circumvent these, then a fifth way would develop.

- Anytime things appear to be getting better, you have overlooked something

- Most things get steadily worse

- When things go wrong, dont go with them

- Magnitude of a catastrophe is directly proportional to number of people watching and exponentially proportional to importance of the occasion.

- Probability of something happening is in inverse ratio to its desirability

- The Unspeakable Law: As soon as you mention something, if its good, it goes away
if its bad, it happens

- Negative expectations yield -ve results
Positive expectations also yield -ve results

- The less you do, the less can go wrong (This one I follow religiously)

- If what you are doing is working, keep doing it
If what you are doing is not working, stop doing it
If you dont know what to do, dont do anything

- Almost anything is easier to get into than to get out of

- If we knew what we were getting into, we would never get into anything

- Time it takes to rectify a situation is inversely proportional to the time it took to do the damage

- Those who can, do
Those who cannot, teach
Those who cannot teach, administrate

- To learn from your mistakes, you must first realize that you are making mistakes

- Hindsight is an exact science

- Do not believe in miracles, rely on them

- Law of inanimate Mobility: All inanimate objects can move just enough to get in your way

- Do not believe in miracles, rely on them

- If you need a straight line graph, obtain only two data points

- If reproducibility may be a problem, conduct the test only once

On a sombre note:
- Even the bestest of friends cannot attend each others funeral

- There are somethings so serious that you can only joke about them

But the best one goes to Mark Twain

If you do everything that your doctor asks you to do- stop smoking, stop drinking etc you still might not live a long time but it will certainly seem like a long time

Enough of plagiarism. At the same time, if you cant better something someone else has said already, why not use it with acknowledgements.

For the essence of my blog, soccer (grin). Last time around I was chided by Shradz on putting soccer gibberish on my posts. Soccer is the main article, rest all stuff revolve around soccer and not vice-versa.

Real Madrid winning the La Liga title - Sweet
First major title after 3 years of waiting - Sweeter.
Ending level on points with Barcelona but snatching the title from under their nose because of head-to-head record - Priceless

I know its cheesy & a bad take on the original MasterCard ad but cant help it. Now time to look forward to the next season. Soccer has a 2 months summer break (a few ppl would be glad, right Shradz ?) but that just means that I'll be focussing on F1 from now.

Shivaji released. Well I knew that ppl down South were movie crazy. Heard stories about movie stars being treated as demi-Gods. But this was my first time experiencing it. Everyone was going crazy. Ppl in my office have already seen the movie 4 times in its first week only. U have to c the madness to believe it. Want to c the movie myself but as expected no tkts are available.

Harry Potter 7 releasing in less than a month. Booked two copies- one for me, one for my bro. Thank God its releasing on a Saturday. Plan to go to Blossoms early morning, get my copy, go to CCD or Barista & read it peacefully in a single go with coffee. Looking for some company. Any takers ?

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