Thursday, March 01, 2007

Turning 23

A month since my last post. Its not that I didnt have things to write about. Just too tired or maybe too lazy. Cant really decide between these two excuses.

The highlight of the past mnth has been the visit to Ahmedabad to meet family after 8 months. I have been away from home for the past 5 years but this has to be the longest separation till date. Its the separation from loved ones that makes one realize what they mean to you, may it be family, friends or someone special.

Ahmedabad visits are always fun. Spending time with cousins (and I do have a lot of them), teasing the one who is getting married next (not me in case you are wondering),being a kid again with mom around fussing over me and taking long walks with my bro.

But this is not all. Visiting Gujarat or Rajasthan for that matter, is like stepping back into the real India. Let me explain

Having spent 8 months in a super-metro like Bangalore (Forgive me, I spent 1 yr in Kota & 4 yrs in Rke. Even Indore seemed like a metro after that), I have become used to the hectic pace of life and living for myself only on the weekends. A popular ad says "Slavery is not dead. We’ve just stopped recognizing it". This is too extreme but the gist is there.

These places have stopped in time. People go about their work at their own pace, not hurrying, living every moment. I remembered a dialogue from a Hindi movie "Badi Badi khushiyon ke peeche bhaagte bhaagte hum chhoti chhoti khushiyon mein jina bhool jaate hai"

And these places are a riot of colours. I mean, a guy in a pink dress with small mirrors (wasnt me, so dnt visualize it tht way). But didnt look out of place. After all, gujju marriages are known for their pomp & splendour. My mom tried her best to get me into one of those traditional dresses. I tried to talk her out of it but couldnt and ended up having one for myself (not the pink one. But a light cream one,without the mirrors and no, I am not putting up pics of me in that).

After all these years, I have gotten used to living away from my family but doesnt mean I dont miss them. Guess its like my dad once said "Ships are the safest in shipyards but they are not meant for it". Add to it that my mom starts getting cranky after a week because of my habits. So its better I keep these visits short.

And plz plz dont think I am depressed or something. Would I swap this way of life for that? Right now I dont think I would. I love the freedom, the responsibilities that come this way. I like doing what I am doing. These are just some things that came to my mind in Ahmedabad.

Moving over to soccer. Every time I see a Real Madrid match, I think they cannot play worse than this. Alas! they prove me wrong every time in the next match. The El Classico, Barcelona v/s Real Madrid coming up on March 11. I just hope we are not humiliated or all those Barca fans I have been making fun of since Real Madrid beat Barca will never let me hear the end of it.

And I m turning 23 today (or tomorrow or maybe I m already 23 depending upon when you c this post). My dad mails me saying Happy Birthday, time to get u hooked. For God's sake, I m still a kid !!

A year ago, I was being bumped around, being made the target on which everyone is venting his fury. This yr its going to be only two of my flatmates who cant even pick me up. Miss those times, guys.

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