Monday, November 13, 2006

Officially Engineer now.

Warning: This post might not be the usual post like the one on Murphy's Law or the previous post on Dentists. Instead, it might oscillate between philosophical to senti stuff.

Convocation- The culmination of a dream. Maybe the first real dream I had - To become a Computer Science Engineer from an IIT. Seems just like yesterday that I was at bansal's trying to remember the colour of fumes in chromyl chloride test and today, I am trying to get my code to work by any possible way.

But between that yesterday and this today, are the four years at IIT Roorkee. The highlights of those 4 yrs would be - the terror of ragging in the 1st semester, the false allegation of being the ragger in the 3rd semester, winning the bplan contest in 4th, Starting Chaos 2005 in 6th semester, the pressures of getting a job in 7th semester and establishing an Entrepreneurship Cell in the 8th semester.
These highlights were punctuated by seemingly never ending tests, quizzes & practicals. As I have quoted before "Experiences can be bitter but memories are always sweet"

After receiving the degree and coming back to Bangalore, I didnt feel the same elation that should come with the completion of the dream. Maybe this was one of those destinations where the journey was more exhilarating than the destination itself. In any case, I have to start looking for new objectives, new dreams. For too long, being a graduate was the only thing on the horizon. Convocation was the symbol to get over it and start moving ahead.

Alrite, enuff of the senti, philosophical stuff. Back to the usual updates.

Real Madrid beat Barca convincingly and I gloated to every Barca fan on chats, mails & SMS. 2 matches l8r Real Madrid lost at home to Celta Vigo and my inbox got full bcoz all Barca fans I had gloated to had the opportunity to get back at me.
|Sigh| Some people just cant use the opportunity to being the better ones by not gloating.

Schumi retired after this year's F1. Lost to Alonso but drove an amazing final race. Showed everyone who is the king. The media is divided with debates abt him trying to win at all costs, him being the flawed genius blah blah. Alrite just one question- Give an honest answer to whether you would have done the same thing or not, if u were in his situation. Schumi was not a superman although he certainly drove like one. Without him, F1 will never be the same.

Have been downloading lots of stuff lately. Podcasts, Movies, Movie OSTs, TV Serials and Documentaries. Just dont miss "The Departed" at any costs. Ranks right at the top with Scorsese's best. Dhoom 2 releasing this weekend. Some idiot already mailed me the suspense. Now I am in a moral dilemma whether to tell it to u ppl and spoil ur movie too or not.

Another Monday. Monday is the worst day especially if u r back from a holiday. The cartoon below captures perfectly what I plan to do every Monday but dont. Something stops me. Maybe my goodness or the knowledge that I will be able to use it only once (Cant have a virus on my PC every Monday. Not even the IT guys r that foolish). Saving it for when I need it the most.


Avinash Singh said...

Grt...relly senti but factual blog!!!that journey is really unforgettable....

GuNs said...

OMG ! Schumacher's gone too?

Blimey ! Now in a few months, I wouldnt have the knowledge to talk about any sport in the world.

Gosh, whats happening to the world? Maybe we all are just living in a period where the world is pivoting around to a new era. How I wish we could be on one of those pivots too...


Lalit Mangal said...

nice flow of the senti thoughts man.. should have let then flow.

napster said...

nice blog.......
just that I am a barca fan ....I know ur not.....hope that real lose from next time.....

Someone said...

Yeah Ostrich, some journeys shld last forever

Hey we already r one of the infinite pivots that move the world

Buddy, just c the last line at the end of senti thoughts - Its time to move on

Another Barca fan. Sigh, what's wrong with the world 2day. Ppl r supporting barca

GuNs said...

With the work that I am doing these last few years, I definitely do not feel that way, man. I dreamed to be a lot more and DO a lot more in and for this world.

But I am an optimist, I will keep chasing that dream. I don't give up on dreams that easy.


Someone said...

Seems Guns is sticking to his Guns :D.

GuNs said...

[;-)] You bet !!