Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Farewell London

London, Heart of the erstwhile British empire and the place where I spent my last two weeks. It all came together suddenly within a week and I was sent to London to be with dad who is here on a migrant visa.
The trip has been a wonderful one to say the least. Visiting the famous places of London like Madam Tussauds, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, London Eye etc and places of interest for me like 221 B Baker Street (Address of Sherlock Holmes), Stamford Bridge (Football Stadium of Chelsea FC) and Wimbledon has been a unique experience to say the least. Especially in the Stamford Bridge where the guide took us through the players' tunnel to the ground with stimulated crowd noise behind us.
Apart from sightseeing, experiencing the British lifestyle was in itself worth the trip. In my dad's words "There was some reason behind English ruling the world for over 100 yrs". I suppose the reason was the discipline and emphasis on education. Let me clear this up
1. Library access is free for everyone.
2. You get a 60 page paper for free although you have to walk to your nearest underground station to get it.
3. Free education for children upto 16
Free library is a boon for a book lover like me. I was able to complete the Artemis series which I started in B'lore last year and also read a number of other good books.
All and all, this trip has been a blast. Now time to go back and get ready for the next phase in my life as a professional.
PS: The photo is me at the entrance to Wimbledon Museum. The poem is If by Kipling


SID said...

Nice new Title for the BLOG.
At least the answer to the previos title was positive.

Shradha said...

You were in London? You in Blore now? You read all of Artemis Fowl??

anonymity said...

OH GOD... library access is free ??? WAT CRAP! I dont believe this!