Monday, July 11, 2005

Indore Diary

It has been a week since I have been in Indore. If I would have landed up straight at Roorkee from Bangalore, the culture shock might have been a little too much to bear. Indore is serving as a middle ground to ease the shock.
Our last night in Bangalore was the most awesome night of the stay. Office guys took us out for dinner and we had a blast. That was when I found out that 3 ppl from our office belonged to a Rock Band. One was bass guitarist, one vocals and one lead guitarist. I am so glad that we went to Bangalore instead of trying to remain at home.
Life at home has been decent at best. Firstly, my friends had seen all the movies and so I was left with no company for movies. Also, most of my friends have graduated now and were trying for admissions in respective PG courses with no time to spare. Soccer season has not yet started and so no matches.
But all is not that bleak. I get to spend time with my family, I get gr8 food and can fight with my younger bro.
After a week of lethargy, I finally got to see Sarkar. It’s a pretty good movie. In case any of you are interested, I will review it pretty soon on Literature & Movies blog (Link in my blog roll).
I got to see a F1 race 2day after a loooong time. McLaren have truly overtaken Ferrari as the leaders of F1. I know that Renault & Alonso are leading McLaren and Kimi but still I have a feeling that this year is McLaren’s year. Alonso has won 5 races this year. In the past two races, Kimi was punished by 10 positions in qualifying but still finished on the podium. In one race, there was some problem with Kimi’s tyres and he had to retire when he was leading Alonso by a comfortable margin. Add to this the fact that McLaren were favourite to win the US Grand Prix and it is clear that it is fate which is against Kimi.
Anyways, 2day the winner was Montoya. Since I started following F1, I have maintained that Montoya is one of the best drivers on the circuit but has never been able to do justice to his talent. 2day he proved his talent by leading Alonso for most of the race. Hope he continues in the same form.
I know this has been a pretty arbit post with me jumping between topics. Its more of a diary entry than a blog. Hope u ppl don’t mind.


kaddy said...

Nice Post!!! Good to see that u r enjoying ur time in Indore.... and I won't read ur review before I see the movie myself, I don't want to know about the story, in advance....

shonali said...

I do.... You left not one point for me to comment.... I dont watch that sport.... and neither do I know your office ppl... But I can say that I sing... and really hope that wherever I get a job... They should have some entertainment of such kinds like band n all... I love to participate in such cultural events

Shradha said...

My take on F1 : Initially(say a year ago) I never watched the race and I wondered what the fun was, the same guy won all the time! But have been watching the last few races and am almost hooked. I am glad Ferrari dont dominate anymore. I love Alonso. Dont understand game tactics, 2 pitstops or 3 who cares? Speed Thrills!

shonali said...

Hi... Now that you know that how much I love to comment on blogs.... :-) post something new ;-) and leave some space for me to comment.... and do that asap... I dont know why swaps deleted her blog.... she is too depressed I guess....I miss commenting on her blog... but well... god bless her!