Friday, July 01, 2005

Au Revoir Bangalore

First Impression is the Last Impression

This has never been true in my case. Hence I don't judge people based on first impressions. But I made this mistake with Bangalore
I criticized Bangalore in one of my posts. I was new to place, a bit apprehensive and didn't know neplace to get good North Indian food. Add to this the chronic traffic jams and one ways, I concluded Bangalore was overhyped.
But Bangalore grows on you. Give it time and the only one place in India where u would like to settle permanently is Bangalore.
With time (6 weeks to be precise), I have fallen in love with this city. The positives that this city has far outweighs the negatives.
Firstly,the people.Everyone I met in Bangalore can be described in one word, cool. The office guys (Vidyuth, Sandeep, Jayanth, Ravi, Akshay, Aashray, Keshav, Joel and anybody I might have missed) with whom I could discuss movies, rock music, books,soccer, F1 and computer games (obviously) as easily as with my friends top the list. The young crowd means there is an informal atmosphere everywhere ( Ever worn a GnR/Cobain T-shirt to office ?).
Imagine spending summers under covers with fan turned off. That's Bangalore for you in summers. With temperature hovering around the 25 degree mark in May-June, u always feel fresh and full of enthusiasm & energy.
The only negative that Bangalore has is traffic. Jams are a usual occurance and every other road is a One Way. One ways should be renamed as Bangalores.
So what did I gain from Bangalore. Lots of things, namely
1. Got to know lots of gr8 people
2. Met people I had not met for 2 yrs or more (Rahul, Bhawani, Arun, RK Verma Sir)
3. Made my first e-mail pal
4. Developed the new hobby of Blogging :D
5. Got back in touch with school friends through chatting
6. Bought 35 books (My family is gonna be mad at me)
7. Discovered a FG (Fellow Genius)
8. Me & my FG invented and developed the latest genre of poetry, Kasper (my crowning achievement from this place)
and ofcourse I learnt game development (which was the primary reason for me coming here).
All this Bangalore experience would have been a waste without two people - Joshi & Raghav.
Joshi was with me in all the experiences. I can't thank him enough for that. He also woke me in the morning for office ;) or else... Thanks Joshi for everything
Raghav, well if he wasn't there, me and Joshi might have been the only two ppl and would have gone tired of each other :D.

Time to sign off from Bangalore and go back to IIT R for the last step of that journey. Au Revoir Bangalore. The new title of my Blog is as relevant to IIT R as it is for Bangalore


Fellow Genius said...

Hey Super!!! Nice to know u liked banglore very much.... and thanks for showing me b'lore from ur eyes...

And now I also feeling down... u will finish ur training in a couple of days, whom will i talk to when i am down... still a couple of weeks for me to finish my training...(Sigh!!!!)

Abhinav J. Joshi said...

Well that is a very heart warming and touching post.
Supriy means a lot to me and he has been by far the best roomie i ever had...i am not getting the proper words to say at this very moment.
But yeah, as he says, we had a very good time in Bangalore. This is the best city to be in. The people are great (except our landlord who is now showing his true colors), they go out of the way to help you.
Our work, our office was real great.
I'll take a lot of good memories to cherish with me. Hopefully, i'll be back here .... Cheerio B'lore

Someone said...

hey Kaddy, me coming to Indore with internet at home. We can continue writing our Kaspers on YM. We can meet for our philosophical discussions in person.
Joshi, thanx for the best roomie thing. I m blushing right now. Hope no one notices. It helped that ur last name was synonymous with our friend in whose memory we wrote our last Kasper;). May God Rest his soul
Bangalore Rocks

kaddy said...

Dancing with joy!!!!

keerthi said...

Told you! Bangalore is the only place in
India worth living.:)

shonali said...

:-((( My last year too.... I will miss my friends... my college... every one...

Shradha said...

Having lived in bangalore for most of my life I cant agree any more!
You r right abt the ppl here, we are cool! Its ppl like me tht make bangalore what it is ;)

Anonymous said...

hey coordi since when did u start getting so senti.
and u thanking joshi??

shonali said...

No updates??

insane said...

guess u missed the essentials of bangalore...neways thank god it will bring end to ur poetry