Thursday, January 18, 2007


The worst thing we can do to ourselves is look back and ask the question What If ?.

Should we live in the moment or take a long, hard look at the future results before taking a decision?

But then isnt this some sort of vicious circle? If every decision we make is with an eye on how it is going to affect our future then why do we have to look back and ask What If ?

A confession though. I have always tried to be one of the In the Moment ppl and have lived on the philosophy of "Greedy Algorithm" taking decisions based what I wanted to do in the present rather than looking at the future. And so I have never had to retrospect.

But lately, the dreaded question has started to raise its head in my life too What If?.

Maybe, its not always good to live in the moment. And now faced with the choice of a lifetime - the harder way is to chase my dream however improbable it might be at the risk of a failure or the hard way which is easier than the dream. Heart says "go for the dream" and mind says "look at ur track record. U must be nuts to do the same thing over again and again".

Maybe, Some dreams should remain dreams only. To act as those unattainable carrots for us to chase.

Sigh, Life shld have a software like Butterfly Effect so we know where our choices might lead us.
But again, the uncertainity of what is coming next is what makes life interesting.

Funny, how 20 days ago I thot 2007 is going to be much better than 2006.

RM going down. 3 losses in the past 5 matches. Foolish President blasting his own players in public, a dictatorial coach. Another trophyless season is here.

Liverpool v/s Chelsea and Arsenal v/s ManU to look forward to this weekend.

Have been watching Boston Legal. Its the story of a Law Firm and its lawyers. Having been a huge John Grisham fan, I just loved the series. Season 1 is over. Now downloading Season 2. Something to look forward to.


Nagendra said...

You are not alone, super. I have been staring this feeling in the face since the day I arrived in this country. And it fails to leave me. Not that I don't try, but the urge to think back is overwhelming. I wonder where it leads, but in all probability its nothing good. Why look back with eyes in front of our heads? But, look forward to what?

GuNs said...

Welcome to 2007 mate.

I watched Rocky Balboa, the sixth and the final installment in the Rocky series this weekend. Dont you think Rocky is a perfect answer to your questions of retrospection? Hes a simple man driven only by what he wants to do. He does not recognize rules, neither of society and in this film, nor the rules of age, chance and ability. Maybe the film is such a huge hit because of the simple message it carries - follow your dream no matter what the odds against you are.