Monday, July 17, 2006

The Weekend of many firsts

"Bahut kuch life mein pehli baar hota hai Mamu"

So goes the quote from Munnabhai MBBS. Well, this weekend was my chance of experiencing quite a few things for the first time.

No weekend, just Saturday
As long as I can remember, Sat was a fun day. In school, it was a half day and in college, it was a holiday. How we used to wait up for that Fri nite in college!!. But working life has different set of rules. During training, we have scheduled tests on Sat. This week was SQL but next week could be tougher than ever, JAVA.

Missing Lunch
After 6 hectic days of working, finally one day of respite-Sun. Even on this day, the guy who comes over for cleaning our apartment didn't let me rest. The door bell rings at exactly 7:30 am. I pull the covers over myself trying to ignore it and hope that someone else wakes up and lets me sleep. But my friends are even lazier than me. Result: I sleep in the afternoon and miss up on lunch. Must be a long time since I didn't eat nething b4 5pm.

Mud incident
We all have seen videos of rash drivers, who love to run through holes filled with rainy water and spraying the people walking around. Well, this was my first time to run into one of them. Me & Sandy had gone out for lunch and a guy in a Maruti 800 sprays us both. I had to suppress my instinct to shout something as ppl here might not understand English/Hindi but they sure know insults in both these languages. Ironically, the same morning I had seen a Michelin video on how next-gen radials would result in reducing the amt of water sprayed by such drivers.

Spelling Bee
Everyone must have heard of the Annual National Spelling Bee contest in USA. Well, this was my first time to see its finals on ESPN. The kids were mind-boggling. Last yrs runners up was Samir Patel, an Indian who was the favourite this yr. Then there was a 12 yr old guy who was ranked 22 last yr and had added 30,000 words to his vocabulary since then. 30,000 words !!!. I wont learn so many words even in my lifetime. Indian challenge ended at 4th position and the last 3 were girls. Finally, it was down to last 2 and they had to spell one word each out the 25 words for the finalists. They managed to go till the last 8 words. Finally, one of them made a mistake (just one letter wrong in a word that I didn't know half abt) and the last one got lucky. She got "Kundalini"(one of the 2 words I knew that nite, the other one being izzat) and other a word of German origin. Luckily she was German and was crowned the spelling bee.
Its an amazing show. See if u can get ur hands on it.

Otherwise, we were surfing channel and we realized one fact
ETC - Himesh
M TV- Himesh
V TV - Himesh
Zoom - Himesh
Its Himesh all the way this year. But I still think, the best music should go to RDB.
Another win for Schumi. The lead is down to 17 pts.
Madrid being associated with abt 50 players. Plz start buying. The speculation is killing me. With the Serie A scandal, the gr8est transfer market in soccer history is open.


Abhinav said...

hihihi ... I hope you would be praying that GenNext Radials are soon launcehd...but since it was a maruti, don't expect to get the driver those radials.
B'lore being a place where it rains every afternoon, you need to take care of yourselves.
About Himesh, I have listened so much of him on FM, while i commute in taxi for office, I've gone crazy .. everytime I hear his songs in the back of my head ... so yesterday I had to listen Rock at full volume just to get Himesh out of my head ....

Bunty Gill said...

The Himesh thingie was funny. Humne uska naam rakha hua tha Resham Himmatwala...

anonymity said...

Yup .. seen those spelling comp's on tv once.. man, i felt like such a loser aftr watching it...those kids now prolly more than i'll ever knw in my LIFE!
and ur rite... HIMESH is everywhere.. its getting disgustingly painful if u ask me.... his stubble and cap act is not less irritating eithr!
Lovely entry btw!

anonymity said...

Well I WUDNT MIND GETTING WAT I WISHED for... i really do want to get into one of da IIT's... well lets see...
hmmn... so mind suggesting few good songs by metallica n all?

anonymity said...

thnx for da suggestions.. downloading some songs right now... So where r u now? where u working?
p.s-- dont I knw da advatanges of gettin a degree from IIT... dammit... pray i get in!! :p