Friday, April 28, 2006


Metamorphosis, Term symbolising Change usually for the better. And also the name of Entrepreneurship Fest, that the newly established Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Roorkee by four students from IIT Roorkee (me being one of them) organized.

One thing that IIT Roorkee lacks was an e-cell. This was what the four of us felt since our first year. Hence, we decided to take an initiative and start EDC as a students' body in IITR. Metamorphosis was to be our crowning glory, the last major event that we would organize in IIT Roorkee and maybe our legacy. Having organized various events before in our cult-fest and tech-fest, the confidence was sky high and organizing this was going to be a piece of cake.

Why the use of past tense in the above sentences. Because organizing a fest is different from organizing an event. Maybe there were commitment problems, overconfidence, unjust expectations but whatever the reason, Metamorphosis didn't make it to the standards we wished it to achieve.
However, it has been a learning experience to say the least. In the past month, I have seen and been a part of it all - Personality Clashes, Ego Issues, Questions on commitments, Bureaucratic Hurdles, Last minute ditches and a few more things that I might have forgotten. It is said that true friends are the ones you have the most fights with. I understand this statement a little better now.
Back to the usual cheery stuff. Barca v/s Arsenal in CL finals. Should be a cake walk for Barca. Schumi finally wins. Awesome race. Alonso trailed Schumi by 0.3 sec for almost 20 laps and made an error in the penultimate lap.
Summer time is here and lots of big releases are lined up. Da Vinci Code, M.I. III, X 3, Pirates of the Carribean 2 and a few more.
Feeling sleepy plus its a friend's birthday. Time to go and give him bumps.

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