Friday, August 05, 2005

What's In The Name ?

I m back after a long lay off. I hope I shall be able to be more regular in my posts now onwards.
Since the day that I can remember, my name has been one of the unique ones. I mean how many of you have ever heard of a guy named Supriy? Since my school days, ppl have been making unnecessary additions & deletions from my name. The most common variations have been Supriya and Supriyo. There have been some weird combos in which even I failed to recognize that I m the person being referred to like Supbix Shakh, Surya and the latest one in the voters' list of my hostel Suopriy. The last straw was when I googled for Supriy Shah and google asked me "Do you mean Supriya Shah"
In my school days, this used to annoy me a lot with my classmates making fun of me. Slowly, slowly I came to terms with my name and stopped being annoyed.
Some of you might be wondering, why I am blabbering so much abt my name. The most weird case happened on our journey from Indore to Roorkee. There were 4 of us and tkts had been reserved by Kaddy. The ticket attendant came, checked the tkt and asked where is the girl Supriya. We assumed that it was the usual mistake that ppl make but he refused to believe us. On closer scrutiny, we found that the tkt itself had name of Supriy as Supriya mentioned as 21 yr old female. The tkt attendant refused to believe the truth and I would have been penalised for impersonating myself. However, we showed him my insti id and he accepted the error. I wanted to kill Kaddy at that point of time.
I guess that was not the last incident of its type and there will be many more to come. But hey, uniqueness has a price to pay.
In the meantime, I was able to read HP VI on the day of its release and also To Kill A Mockingbird. There have been many more interesting cases too but that for the next time.


insane said...

U forgot to mention the disappointment we all had on seeing u in 1st year.from the student list as always we were expecting a sexy lass in IITR

Shradha said...

I suffer from a similar fate, my name should have been spelt as Shraddha. My dad decided to drop a 'd' for reasons I dont know. People confuse me for a guy calling me Sharad..Dont they see the 'a' in the end.??? And then ppl ask me if I believe in numerology!!!

So Supbix Shakh worry not, as u said uniqueness has a price to pay. But carry ur Id at all times.

shonali said...

I have a lot of confusion with my name.... especially the pronounciation.... I am always asked twice if it is shonali or sonali..... in my certificates they had written sonali.... in some places it is shonali.... Its all so very confusing... my college register says shonali.... university enrolled me as sonali.. phew....